World AIDS Day One will be celebrated


The World AIDS Day will be celebrated on December 1

The main purpose of celebrating World AIDS Day is to provide support to patients suffering from HIV and to get rid of the disease, the person suffering from the disease has to be motivated to undergo treatment.

The virus that causes AIDS is named HIV. It gradually reduces the immunity of the body and when it becomes weak, then the symptoms of various diseases in the body begin to appear. This condition is called AIDS.

Such is HIV

The other healthy person who comes into contact with someone with HIV due to unsafe sex is at risk of spreading HIV virus.

world-aids-day-december 1
world-aids-day-December 1

The main cause of the spread of HIV AIDS is unprotected sex.

Can not donate blood from infected blood or if a person is sick or accidental and requires blood during treatment then he should check it before donating blood.

If HIV infected blood is donated to that person then it can be infected with HIV AIDS. In addition to infected needles and syringes used by HIV infected person, other people use it, then it is also prone to HIV infection.

The person should use disposable needles and syringes. The HIV infected pregnant woman also has the risk of infection due to her baby.

World Aids day: 11.81 lakh people in the country are still battling HIV / AID

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By the end of 2017, an estimated 21.4 million people were living in India with HIV (PLHIV). In these people, the number of adults (15-49 years) was 0.22% percent.

According to the latest data, 11.81 lakh people are being treated for anti-retroviral treatment in the country.

Recently, the National AIDS Control Organization, ICMR-National Institute of Medical Statistics, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India issued a report about this.

On December 1, it is the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Officials of the Indian Council of Medical Research said that despite the good progress the AIDS pandemic is not over yet.

On the condition of AIDS in India between 35 and 40 states and Union Territories between 1981 and 2017, it has been said that new HIV infection and AIDS-related deaths have declined in India. According to the report, there were 87,590 new HIV infections and 69,110 AIDS-related deaths in 2017.

Although new transition has decreased nationally. New transition increased in 2017 compared to five states – Arunachal Pradesh (65%), Assam (37%), Mizoram (18%), Meghalaya (10%) and Uttarakhand (4%) – 2010.

According to the report, there is no place for happiness in the emergence of HIV infection in some states.

21% of people infected with HIV in the country do not know that they have a life-threatening illness like AIDS


HIV is an infection for which no treatment has been found so far. However, to overcome this, medical science has taken a path of antiretroviral therapy. The infection of the virus can be brought about negligible levels by this therapy. So that the virus becomes inactive in a way in the body.

After this therapy, HIV patients infected with HIV can also live a normal life. For this procedure, the patient needs to check it every 12 months or 12 months. But being incurable, it is better to disable this infection through continuous medical help. So that patients can live a normal life.

Campaigns are being organized by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness about HIV infection and AIDS. It has been affected and the rate of infection has decreased. But recently a shocking news came out.

According to a report released by WHO, ‘Knowledge is Power’, 21 percent of the patients infected with HIV in the country do not know that they have a serious disease like AIDS. Because of this, the risk of spread of this infection has increased even more.

If you look at the data-

In the country, 22.67 thousand HIV-infected women gave birth to babies.

69.11 thousand people died due to AIDS disease.

87.58 thousand new HIV positive cases recorded in 2017.

21 million HIV positive patients currently present in the country

56% patients are treated with anti-retrovital system only.

23% of people do not get treatment despite the information being infected.

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